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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2017.
| Ergonomics (Human Interface) II |
Ergonomics (Human Interface) II is an 8-week course for sophomore students with product design background. The lecture started with teaching students fundamental coding concepts and how to use Arduino to enhance their digital prototyping skills. The purpose of the course is to educate them on thinking beyond product design through an industrial designer’s lens. Student’s works are summations and creations from both personal in-field experience and life observation. They are expected to think in client/company/customer’s shoes by using insights gained from different perspectives to connect every significant touch point and re-consider the design in a whole.
The lectures focus on the principles of design thinking method, which breaks down into 4 main parts: inspiration, ideation, prototyping and evaluation. For each section, there were examples and practices. During the semester, I also invited 5 international guest speakers from multiple industries in design consultancy, designing, 3D printing, advertising and media to share their rich working experience and portfolio as well as evaluate students’ works. The students will completely immerse themselves in classes following speakers’ different  points of view.
Applying a human-centered design process, we generated more than 100 ideas. Guided by strategic point of views, we built and prototyped the full user experience around products. We came up with a service model to map out the business plan. We observed and explored the comprehensive user journey. We built to think and thought to build it better. We made meaningful stuff. We made impact. It was an 8-week journey to enable all participants to experience the beauty of design thinking and making.

Special Thanks to
Shanghai Library
De Tao Group Masters AcademyProf. Dr. Hartmut Esslinger (Founder, Studio Esslinger), Cicy Chen (Design Manager, Studio Esslinger)
Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts: Prof. Wang Hongjiang (Associate Professor, Director of Environmental Design, Dean Associate), Prof. Zhu Xi (Associate Professor, Director of Product Design Department)
International Guest SpeakersWilliam Wei (Project Manager, DF Robot), Christina Wang (Sr. UX and Interaction Designer, Kohler), Vicki Sun (Sr. Brand Visual Designer, Labbrand), Hang Io (Communication Designer, IDEO), Alice Casiraghi (Service Designer, IBM iX)
Teaching Assistants: Amber Ou and Joyce Xia
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