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| Invited Talks and Lectures |


Is It Design for Longevity (D4L) or Sustainability?
Keynote Speaker interviewed by Herman Mao and Amie Chou

In: AT WISTARIA EPISODE 09, September 9, 2023 [ SpotifyApple | Google ]

Design for Longevity (D4L): Service Innovation through System Thinking
Keynote Speaker o
f Design4Drupal, Boston

In: Salem State University, July 20, 2023 [ website ]

Building an AgeTech City
Keynote Speaker of Building an AgeTech City: Service, Community, and Technology Symposium

In: Taipei City Government

Design for Longevity: AgeTech and Services
Keynote Speaker

In: Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub

Design for Longevity: People, Product, Platform
Keynote Speaker of Ideathon Taiwan—WeWe Futures: 2040 Diversity & Inclusion

In: Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI)

Service Design in Action: Transformation, Consideration, and System Thinking
Guest Lecture of the graduate course (70 602: Service Design Futures)

In: The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), May 15, 2023

The Future of Service Prototyping
Keynote Speaker of Webinar: The Future of Service Prototyping

In: Cumulus Association, Service Design Group, May 9, 2023 [ website ]

Translate from User Journey Map to Design Prototyping Action
Guest Lecture of the graduate course (ENP 220: Graduate Capstone)

In: Tufts University, Human Factors Engineering

Longevity Planning Block Design for Inclusive Financial Planning Services
Keynote Speaker of MIT Preparing for Longevity Advisory Network (PLAN) Forum

In: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Media Lab [ website ]

Applying Human-Centered System Design to the Development of a Service Innovation
Keynote Speaker of Aging Experience Workshop

In: Tsinghua University, The Future Laboratory, March 17, 2023

My "D" Journey

Keynote Speaker of RISD Journey to Design

In: Rhode Island School of Design, Industrial Design Building, March 11, 2023

How do prototype user experience through the design process?

Keynote Speaker of The Power of Creativity Conference

In: Tec de Monterrey, Sonora Norte Campus, Feburary 5, 2023


Reshape Safe, Sustainable Labs and Makerspaces on Campus: An Experimental Study on Material Flow through Human-centered System Design

Keynote Speaker of Single-Use Plastic Circularity Summit

In: MIT Samberg Conference Center, September 28, 2022 [ website | video ]

Creative Leadership
Invited Speaker by Professor. James Reikuo Chu
In: ArtCenter College of Design, Virtual, July 16, 2022

Envisioning Safe and Sustainable Labs with Human-centered System Design: An Experimental Study on Disposable Material Flow

Invited Speaker by Professor. Pier Paolo Peruccio

In: Politecnico di Torino, Virtual, July 8, 2022

A Look into Design Leadership in MIT Laboratories

Keynote Speaker

In: World Design Organization (WDO), Virtual, June 29, 2022 [ website | video ]

Harvard xDesign: Power in Teams


In: Harvard xDesign Conference, USA, March 27, 2022 [ website ]


Human-Centered System Design From Methodology to Implementation

—Footwear for the Aging Population
Keynote Speaker
In: International Experience Design Conference (IxDC), China, November 18, 2021 [ website ]


Harvard xDesign: Constructing Reality


In: Harvard xDesign Conference, USA, February 28, 2021 [ website ]

Make ToGather: Interaction Design Webinar + Workshop
Lecturer with Ziyuan Zhu
In: Massachusetts Institute of Technology ─ Independent Activities Period (IAP), USA, January 6, 2021 [
website ]

Creative Problem-Solving: NEET (New Engineering Education Transformation) Way of Thinking
Lecturer with Dr. Rea Lavi
In: Massachusetts Institute of Technology ─ Independent Activities Period (IAP), USA, January 21, 2021 [ website ]

Humanity-Centered System Design
Lecturer and Mentor
In: Power Station of Art (PSA) ─ Blue Cables in Venetian Watercourse, China



Connecting the People
Keynote Speaker
In: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Make-A-Thon: Connecting the Dots, USA, February 29, 2020

Design Career Discussion: Presenting Yourself in a Virtual Environment
Mentor and Panel Discussion
In: Pratt Institute ─ Pratt Virtual Career Day, USA


Prototype User Experience Through Product Design Approach
Keynote Speaker
In: Taipei Product Developers Conference (TPDC), Taiwan [
website ]

Translate Daily Innovation and Observation into Meaningful Designs
Keynote Speaker
In: SHiFT Design, USA [
website ]

Rapid Prototype the User Experience from Ideas to Implementation
Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
In: ING Creative, United Arab Emirates


Experience Design
Keynote Speaker interviewed by Craig Mackiewicz
In: Exploded View Podcast, USA [ podcast

After Covid-19 ─ The Transformation of Design Platform and Its Future
Keynote Speaker
In: Tsinghua University ─ TrendTouch, P.O.C. (China)


Design Thinking Drives Public Service Innovations ─ Redesign Shanghai Library Innovation Space
Keynote Speaker
In: International eXperience Design Committee (IXDC), P.O.C. (China) [
website ]

Reimagine User's Future Learning Experience in Public Library

Keynote Speaker

In: 2018 MIX Innovation Conference, Taipei City, Taiwan [ website ]

Universal Design and Its Application in Life
Keynote Speaker
In: 5th International Conference of Bandung Creative Movement (BCM), Telkom University, Indonesia



Rethinking Design: Moving Your Eyes from Your Head to Your Heart
In: TEDxFuxingPark, P.O.C. (China) [ website

A Story Behind the Bar
In: IDEO Under the Influence, P.O.C. (China) [ website ]

Introduction and Inspiration from CMF of Product Design
Lecturer and Workshop Facilitator
In: Tsinghua University ─ Academy of Arts & Design, P.O.C. (China)


International Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Design Trend
Speaker and Panel Discussion
In: China (Wuxi) International Design Expo, P.O.C. (China)

| Articles for DesignWanted Personal Column |


What makes a design conference go from informative to inspiring?

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: DesignWanted, September 11, 2023 [ article ]

Building an AgeTech City: Services, Community, and Technology

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: DesignWanted, July 14, 2023 [ article ]

Design for simulation: how to project your future self?

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: DesignWanted, May 31, 2023 [ article ]

Design for Longevity: Service, Systems, and Sustainability

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: DesignWanted, April 12, 2023 [ article ]

A self-reflection on research ethics and design process

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: DesignWanted, February 23, 2023 [ article ]


From Brainstorming to Bodystorming: an applied ethnographic perspective to view co-creation workshops

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: DesignWanted, December 28, 2022 [ article ]

Service Innovation in Space Design: How to build an immersive and interactive lab space experience in a post-Covid era

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: DesignWanted, September 8, 2022 [ article ]

A Look into Design Leadership at MIT Laboratories: A Preliminary Discussion on Design Leadership through a Hybrid Academic and Industrial Lens

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: DesignWanted, July 13, 2022 [ article ]

Computational design experiment for older adult’s footwear

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: DesignWanted, April 15, 2022 [ article ]

| Articles for MIT AgeLab Blog |


Design for Longevity: Life-Centered Design

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: MIT AgeLab, August 2, 2023 [ article ]


Reshaping financial planning through a co-creation workshop

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: MIT AgeLab, November 7, 2022 [ article ]

Transformative Service Innovation and Design: From Touch Points to Data Points

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: MIT AgeLab, July 5, 2022 [ article ]

Creative teaching in a course on aging: a designer's perspective

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: MIT AgeLab, April 1, 2022 [ article ]

| Chinese Articles for MOT TIMES Personal Column |


Enabling Lab Space as Service Designs for Co-creation — Use MIT AgeLab as an Example

【李盛弘專欄—我在MIT上設計課】歷時三年MIT AgeLab實驗室空間大改造!三個關鍵元素放大共創可能

Sheng-Hung Lee

In: MOT TIMES, October 16, 2022 [ article ]


Envision, Design, and Build Safe and Sustainable Labs at MIT: Celebrate Users' Stories Inspired and Driven by Data and Scientific Approaches


Sheng-Hung Lee

In: MOT TIMES, August 25, 2021 [ article ]

A Preliminary Discussion about Open Restaurants and Open Streets Program in New York City: How Does the Policy Shape City Landscape, Build Environment, and Influence Our Interactions?
Sheng-Hung Lee
In: MOT TIMES, March 22, 2021 [ article



After Covid-19 ─ The Street Observation and Innovation in the Lens of Experience Design
Sheng-Hung Lee
In: MOT TIMES, August 12, 2020 [ article ]

After Covid-19 ─ The Transformation of Design Platform and Its Future
Sheng-Hung Lee
In: MOT TIMES, May 25, 2020 [ article ]

A Discussion on Experience Design Project: MIT Campus Tour Service Project as a Case Study
【李盛弘專欄—我在MIT上設計課】MIT校園導覽服務如何拿下2020 A' Design Award?看體驗設計的四大法則
Sheng-Hung Lee
In: MOT TIMES, March 11, 2020 [ article ]

What Can Designers Contribute in Lab? A Preliminary Discussion in Lab Innovation Through Four Actions by Designers
Sheng-Hung Lee
In: MOT TIMES, December 11, 2019 [ article ]

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