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Shared by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2017.
| IDEO Under the Influence: A Story Behind the Bar |

Sheng-Hung Lee shared a story about something not designed by him but which had profoundly shaped his career and helped him understand what creativity could do for someone's life. Being a prison guard for his first job was part of his life journey. He once served in a prison without bars, real bars, but he felt imprisoned. Sheng-Hung learnt a lesson in life that we all may become a prisoner of our own mind. It was only when we managed to free our mind that we were able to free ourselves and others.
Under the Influence is an IDEO hosted event for designers to share their personal stories of key influences that have shaped an individual's point of view on their craft and their career choices. At IDEO, we work in multidisciplinary teams to help clients tackle systemic challenges. We believe that designing to make a difference to people's lives is a creative journey that requires a unique combination of craft capabilities and perspectives, experience and inspiration from different walks of life. Under the Influence aims to create a dialog with our friends in the design community in China to share stories, exchange views and inspire new learnings. For more information, please check:

Special Thanks to
IDEOAlice Huang (Executive Director, Asia), Kim Quan (Design Director, Shanghai), Greg Perez (Design Director, Tokyo), Daisy Sun (Recruiting Lead, Shanghai), Elyssa He (Interpreter, Shanghai), Charles Hayes (Partner and Executive Managing Director, Shanghai), Tony Wong (Managing Director, Shanghai)
Speech MentorAlice Huang (Executive Director, Asia)
Video Editing: Chih-Chiang Ko

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