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Shared by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2017.
| Rethinking Design: Moving Your Eyes From Your Head to Your Heart |

Shang-Hung Lee shares a story starting from the relationship among men, women and design, the relationship between gender and design and also briefly introduces the definition of universal design with several concrete examples. He points out that normally great design solutions come from human-centric design approaches. It naturally breaks the barriers posed by gender, age and even culture to enable us to see our society and world from the perspective of the humanity-centric design mindset.

Sheng-Hung Lee is an IDEO designer and Associate Professor at Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. He is inspired by multiple domains of knowledge, different perspectives, and he thrives on creating new value for clients in multi-disciplinary teams. He is trained as an industrial designer and electrical engineer, and his approach to problem solving is influenced by his passion for how design and technology impact on and can be integrated into society.

Special Thanks to
IDEOAlice Huang (Executive Director, Asia), Jasper Yang (Technology Expert, Shanghai), Jaoui Liu (Business Design Lead), Rita Yang (Marketing Lead, Shanghai), Elyssa He (Interpreter, Shanghai), Charles Hayes (Partner and Executive Managing Director, Shanghai), Tony Wong (Managing Director, Shanghai)
Speech Mentor: Wentian Zhang (Sr. Designer, XG Entertainment), Vicki Sun (Sr. Brand Visual Designer, Labbrand), Juning Chen (Art Director, YIMISHIJI), Dennis Wang (Head of Design, YIMISHIJI), Chole Law (Communication Designer, S. Lab)
Photographer: David Shih, King Kong
Video Editing: Chih-Chiang Ko

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