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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2017.
| Ergonomics (Human Interface) III |
Ergonomics (Human Interface)III is a 9-week class for third year students with product design background. The lecture starts with teaching students basic service/experience design knowledge and learning how to quickly grasp the essence of SketchUp to enhance digital prototyping skills. The purpose of the course is not just to make students design tangible things through industrial/product designer’s lens, but also assist students in thinking broadly and envisioning beyond product design field. Student’s works should be guided by personal in-field experience and real life observation. Be creative, be empathetic and view designs as continuous journeys to weave every single stitch together for better and comprehensive understanding of “DESIGN” itself.
The lecture structure follows the principles of design thinking method, including 5 main parts: inspiration, research, ideation, prototyping and evaluation. For each section, there will be some concrete examples and small practices. This semester will focus on the human-centric approach in the context of research skills and mindset cultivation. The course will invite 11 international guest speakers from multiple industries including innovation consultancy, design studio, start-up, advertising studio and corporation to share their rich work and life experiences, amazing portfolios and also join in the criticism of students’ works.

Special Thanks to
Shanghai Library
De Tao Group Masters AcademyProf. Dr. Hartmut Esslinger (Founder, Studio Esslinger), Cicy Chen (Design Manager, Studio Esslinger)
Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts: Prof. Ping Ye (Dean, School of Design​), Prof. Wang Hongjiang (Associate Professor, Director of Environmental Design, Dean Associate), Prof. Zhu Xi (Associate Professor, Director of Product Design Department)
International Guest Speakers: Roy Wang (Product Owner,, Christina Wang (Sr. UX and Interaction Designer, Kohler), Chloe Law (Communication Designer, S. Lab), Elyssa He (Interpreter, IDEO), Juning Chen (Art Director, YIMISHIJI), Nelson Kuo (Head of Taiwan Office / Sr. Experience Design Researcher, TANG UX), Jing Xia (Industrial Designer, Designaffairs)
Teaching Assistants: Amber Ou and Peggy Zhao

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