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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2019.
| Ergonomics (Human Interface) II |
In teaching the course of Ergonomics (Human Interface) II, Sheng-Hung Lee, Associate Professor of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, together with the Steelcase’s Asian team, has guided students in breaking free of design boundaries for outdoor furniture. Adopting the holistic design method in understanding Steelcase’s product design language, brand positioning and corporate culture, students have been dedicated to exploring the diverse possibilities of innovation in outdoor furniture design. Students get to know requirements of target users through user survey and interview, and draw insights and propose preliminary product positioning after observations, while in the meantime inspiring ideation among team members to facilitate the verification process of product modelling and testing. During the over one month of design journey for this semester, students have been focusing on product design and furniture design in their works, taking account of elements such as service design and experience design. For this innovative design project, we have presented the main touch points in user journey, improved key pain points in user journey through product design, as well as combined and design products’ service experience to meet the needs for more human-centered design of furniture in outdoor public space. In addition, the final design proposal needs to present the design language, overall style and brand vision of the furniture brand Steelcase. The structural design for the course intends to, through a holistic design method, lead students in product and furniture design, and redefine the course of Ergonomics (Human Interface) II from the perspectives of design, business and technology. The course has adopted the approach of learning from practice by cooperating with Steelcase, an internationally renowned furniture brand, on implementing product design capability and cultivating keen observation ability and acute empathy. IDEO Design Thinking Method Card ( and <Thoughtless Act> by Jane Fulton Suri ( are mainly used as teaching materials, suitable for students and professionals with an interest in design.

Special Thanks to
Shanghai Library
De Tao Group Masters Academy
Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts: Prof. Ye Ping (Professor, Dean, School of Design), Prof. Wang Hongjiang (Associate Professor, Director of Environmental Design, Dean Associate), Prof. Zhu Xi (Associate Professor, Director of Product Design Department) 
International Guest SpeakersYucheng Yao (Lead Designer, Human Horizons), Elisa Yao (Communication Design Art Director, Philips), Ailun Sai (Product Designer, IDEO),
Steelcase: Thunder Ray (Managing Director, China), Michelle Gu (Workspace Strategy & Solution Manager), Xiaofei Xue (Marketing Manager, China), Jerry Leng (Marketing Manager, China),
Teaching Assistants: Amber Ou, Hermlin Chang and Gail Chang

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