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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, Yen-Ting Chiang and Wen-Ling Huang, 2011.
| Condom Cap |
We said wearing a condom is like wearing socks - there's a right side and a wrong side! Condom’s design nowadays can’t let users identify which one is the correct side immediately, especially in the rush and darkness. When people use the opposite side, it comes off easily. ”Condom Cap” consists of two parts; the pink one is the sticker for advertising and you have to tear it up from here. The white part is a rubber cover, which is a metaphor of penis. Another practical usage of white cover is using a condom without smudging your both hands. The semantic of ”Condom Cap” form design allows us to instinctively “read” which is right side just simply by touching or seeing at first sight. All in all it reduces the risk of wearing wrong and that is to say we cherish our lives and lives of others.
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