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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2019.
| Design Consciousness – Small Things with Big Heart |

2020 ─ Core77 Design Award, Student Winner ─ Personal Accessory Award
2020 ─ International Design Awards, Bronze ─ Design for Society & Design for Public Awareness
2020 ─ Spark Award, Sliver ─ Concept, Professional
2020 ─ DNA Paris Design Award, Winner ─ Experimental Design
2020 ─ Novum Design Award, Gold ─ Design for Social Impact
2020 ─ IDEA, Finalist ─ Student Designs
2019 ─ EMMA Creative Center Pforzheim Designers in Residence Scholarship Winner
2019 ─ "Inspiration from My Three-month Stay for the Designer in Residence Program in Germany" published by Asia Designer Communication Platform
2019 ─ "Designer in Residence" published by DESIGN magazine
2019 ─ "感官全開的活著,呼吸即設計 - 李盛弘" published by FUN DESIGN

When I studied industrial design at university in Taiwan, luckily, I had a great chance to read Thoughtless Act by Jane Fulton Suri, IDEO Partner Emeritus. I was very inspired by the way she viewed the product, our environment, people’s behavior and their interesting interaction. She expressed her very subtitle observation skills on daily items that most take for granted with strong empathy for people. It is a great book that makes me pause and think and will influence my future career path in a profound way. The attachment and love have been growing inside me and gradually become part of my personality as a designer while I create things and observe my surroundings.
I appreciate EMMA Creative Center for providing me a 3-month designer in residence scholarship at Pforzheim, Germany, which allows me to freely experience the beautiful scenery, to visit the amazing university, to be part of the creative culture, to know the city’s history and most importantly, to meet with lovely people. I’ve been keeping the humanity-centered sprit and design method along the journey with me. All photos and videos I’ve taken are from my 3-month stay in Pforzheim, Germany. My iPhone, GoPro and Camera are used to document lots of images every day and record my exciting residence journey. Therefore, it contains more than 90 photos in the small book. Mainly I captured moments that I felt interesting and thought-provoking during the time I jogged at the public park in the morning, the co-working place I shared with other creative talents, the dorm I lived with other international artists, designers and students, the supermarket I went to and other life experiences I’d been through. They are not visually attractive compared with professional photos, but are mostly relevant to people’s daily lives. The method I’ve applied in the book is dividing “see” into 3 different layers with different definitions accordingly: Observation, Consideration and Interpretation through an inquiry-driven process.
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Special Thanks to
EMMA Creative Center Team: Almut Benkert (Head of Creative Industries, Director of EMMA Creative Center), Fabian Jäger (Property Management), Alexandra Vogt (Project Management), Benedikt Adler (Exhibition Designer), Erwin Wagner (Videographer) and Matilde de Sousa Outeiro (Intern).
Designer in Residence Scholarship JuriesTim Storti (Creative Director of PEARL CREATIVE), Mirjam Hiller (Jewelry Designer) and Bettina Weiss (Senior Designer at Adidas)
Designer in Residence Scholarship OwnerGanit Goldstein (Fashion Design) and Dabin Lee (Jewelry Design) 
IDEOJane Fulton Suri (Partner Emeritus) and Daniel Huang (Senior Industrial Designer, Shanghai)
Zhou Xuan StudioZhou Xuan (Language Expert)
Academic InstitutionPforzheim University and Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
NDD DesignYu-Tsung Hu (Founder, Design Director)
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