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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee and Wang Chen-Hua, 2011. 
| i-Can |
People, such as elderly or visually impaired person, tend to spread out the medicine accidentally; moreover, medicine instructions printed on the cans are too tiny to read the proper usage, i.e. three tablets per day. Therefore, without gaining too much manufacturing cost, i-Can not only improves the users interface instinctively but decrease the possibility of making mistakes. Thus, we have better using experience and have the confidence to use it by saying, “No matter whom you are, how old you are. Use “i-Can” cause I can do it!” I can get the information by seeing and touching it; I can take the correct number of tablet without messing up; I can let the medicine orderly pass through the specially designed gap; I can have a cheerful using experience with confidence; I can apply the design to different type of healthy medicine through manufacturing and save the extra cost of complex design approach.
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