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Designed and written by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2017.
| IDSA Blueprint in Asia |
As a designer/maker/educator living in China for years, I want to, through my personal life experience, give IDSA some inspirations to help the organization establish a solid relationship with the Asian market. During the entire writing process, I kept asking myself “How might we help people in Asia understand IDSA? How might we help IDSA enter the China market? How might we create business opportunities for IDSA in China?” And the journey starts from people’s life and goes all the way to the community and business.
The questions above are very broad, yet they are not vague to me. Because I think every big dream/issue/topic starts from small crazy ideas, brainstorming, and tackling with details. Brainstorming is one of my favorite parts of design thinking. It can be a crazy idea, maybe weird, amazing, or conceptual. It’s a divergent process. I hope, by illustrating lots of concepts, it could be possible to narrow down certain themes for IDSA and me myself to figure out suitable solutions as the first step. On the other hand, I also use some analogue/related examples, most of which are from locals, for IDSA to develop better points of view to tell the IDSA story in China. With this small book as a starting point, let us envision a bright future together.

Special Thanks to
Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)
International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)
Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
Karen Foust (Senior Manager of Awards & Competitions, Industrial Designers Society of America)
Kelly Nelson (Senior Manager of Marketing, Industrial Designers Society of America)
Philip Assante (Manager of Membership & Component Relations, Industrial Designers Society of America)
Prof. Wang Hongjiang (Associate Professor, Director of Environmental Design, Dean Associate, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art )
Prof. Zhu Xi (Associate Professor, Director of Product Design Department, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art | Syndic of Shanghai Designers Association)
Elyssa He (Interpreter, IDEO)
Nelson Scholler (Industrial Designer, IDEO)
Rossi Zhou (Translator, Writer, Creator, Rossi Zhou Studio) 
Chan Wai Yeh (Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Elecronic, Southern University College, Malaysia | Founder, Ad Now Marketing Co-founder, Immersive Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. | Consultant, PE Robotic Lab)
Wentian Zhang (Sr. Communication and Branding Designer PGC, XG Entertainment)
King Kong (Photographer, King Kong Studio)

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