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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2017.
| Key Fob Holder Design |
People discover creativity and beauty from daily life, and translate them into interesting and meaningful items or products through designer and maker’s lens, to bring joy and delight for life. The work is designed for Sheng-Hung Lee's colleagues. A key fob can be put inside a holder, which will then become a wearable key to enter the office with ease. It not only changes people’s behavior such as the way people enter the space and how people carry the key, but also becomes a piece of fashionable accessory.

Special Thanks to
IDEOJasper Yang (Technology Expert, Shanghai)
Puten Model CompanyShu-Yan Wang (Model Maker and Designer), Lin Shun Kuang (Model Maker and Artist)
PhotographerKing Kong (Photographer, King Kong Studio)

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