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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2020.
| Tube7—Modular Lamp |

2021 ─ The 8th Bandung Creative Movement (BCM) Conference (published paper focusing on design methodology)
2020 ─ CNN: Style Column Article (the project was reported by Stephanie Bailey)
2020 ─ Dubai Design Week Global Grad Show (the project was selected under the sustainable category)
2020 ─ MIT Integrated Design & Management (IDM) ─ Product Design Project

Tube 7 – Modular Lamp Design is not purely about designing a lamp, but is regarded by the designer as a light sculpture. People can apply used water bottles to make their own light sculptures through their creativity and imagination. The sculpture toolkit contains 7 different types of 3D printed connectors and one T-shaped base for installing LED ring and NANO board. The lamp project was initiated as one of the MIT graduate course (EM.442 Integrated Design Lab II) assignments. It has evolved to become an environmental-friendly-yet-playful project to design a toolkit to inspire participants to create their own light sculptures.

The design process is similar as how participants to assemble the product. It contains four steps: Step 1 - Collect the used water bottles and use them as components. Step 2 - Apply the seven types of connectors to the used water bottles. Step 3 - Illustrate your imagination and creativity to build your own light sculpture. Step 4 - Choose one component as the light source and install the NANO module.

Designers are not only to provide design solutions. In this project, the solutions are co-created with participants to empower them to make their own version of modular lamps. Designers also need to think about the assembling experience for the participants. While they are assembling the product, how to follow the instructions, how to storage the product after assembling, 

Special Thanks to
MIT Integrated Design & Management (IDM): Matthew S. Kressy (Founding Director), Antonio (Tony) Hu (Academic Director), Andy MacInnis (Technical Instructor)
Zhou Xuan StudioZhou Xuan (Language Expert)
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