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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee and Yu-Lin Chen, 2010.
| Nursing Kit |
2013 ─ Spark Award, Student Designs ─ Concept
2012 ─ IDEA, Gold ─ Student Designs
2012 ─ Braun Prize, Special Mention ─ Student Designs 
2012 ─ Core77 Design Award, Student Runner-up ─ Consumer Products
2012 ─ Core77 Design Award, Student Notable ─ Equipment
2011 ─ red dot Design Award, Best of the Best ─ Design Concept
2010 ─ iF, Winner ─ lebens(t)raeume Competition
2010 ─ Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX), Gold ─ Industrial Designs
The concept of first aid is not common in a typical Taiwanese family; therefore redesigning the first aid kit considering the placement, functionality, affinity and form is our goal. "Nursing Kit" is a new generation of family first aid kit that blends into its surrounding furniture and be a part of your daily life. Its universal design component includes the Curvy Scissors, Curvy Scissors, Tweezers Clip and Medicines Cap. Creating a rapid, complete and easy-to-use security guard achieving maximum functionality. Nevertheless be an awesome art piece at your home. We not only want to take care of your physical, but also the spiritual aspect of health. 
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