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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2017.
| The Future Learning Experience of Public Area – Redesign Shanghai Library Innovation Space |

2018 ─ European Product Design Award, Gold ─ Design for Sustainability 
2018 ─ Spark Award, Gold ─ Experience
2018 ─ IDEA, Finalist ─ Service Design
2018 ─ A' Design Award & Competition, Iron ─ Governance and Public Service Design
2018 ─ International Design Awards, Honorable Mention ─ Institutional, Conceptual
2018 ─ Venice Design Week - Sponsored by European Cultural Centre and GAA Foundation
2018 ─ IxDC - Design Thinking Drives Public Service Innovations

The Future Learning Experience of Public Area - Redesign Shanghai Library Innovation Space is a project based on human-centred thinking that covers every aspect of the Shanghai Library Innovation Space (the Space), from the individual, product, organization, and space, to the service and experience it offers. The purpose of the redesign lies in making knowledge come alive and flow freely so that users can learn and experience in the Space what extends beyond the library. A more enriching learning experience for readers in turn testifies to librarians’ greater role in this process.
The Space has always been the benchmark in the exploration of innovation space for Chinese libraries. Yet in face of market change, consumer trade-up, industrial transformation and technological advances, it has to reposition itself in order to maintain its leading role in the practice of library innovation by delivering better experience for both its users and librarians through culture rebuilding, all the while following the Shanghai Library's mission of "providing excellent knowledge services". A survey of users and librarians highlights the need to establish a more distinctly defined value proposition, deal with the incompatibility and interaction between different areas or sections, improve the design to meet the actual needs of users/librarians, enhance librarians' services and interact with users in more varied forms.

Designing libraries—repositories of the best of human knowledge—is no small feat, since it signifies a greater social responsibility for advancing human civilization and culture, as in the case of the Space where knowledge, education and innovation intersect. A human-centred approach enhances design elements in space so much that knowledge, education and innovation opportunities can be found everywhere and come in the context of dialogues rather than just exist in the physical environment. The knowledge-based services provided by the Space feature diverse and customized innovation education courses suited to users’ needs in the forms of lecture, speech and workshop, in order to better connect with the users. The Space also nurtures an innovation-oriented culture and knowledge-based community with a more positive influence on the society.

Special Thanks to
Shanghai Library Innovation Space Team: Zhou DemingLin Lin, Tang Liangtie, Chu Hao, Zhou Yin, Xiong Dingyue, Le Yiting, Yao Xin
IDEOElyssa He (Language Expert, Shangai), Nelson Schöller (Industrial Designer, Shanghai), Jasper Yang (Information Expert, Shanghai)
Zhou Xuan StudioZhou Xuan (Language Expert)
Roy · OriginalKing (Photographer and Designer)
YimishijiDennis Wang (Communication Designer)
Matthus Printing Co., LtdJerry Wong (Founder)
Shanghai Skyin Visual Arts Co. Ltd.Fan Wong (Co-founder), Dylan Wang (Co-founder and Interior Designer)
Southern University College, MalaysiaChan Wai Yeh (Lecturer Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology)
Academic Institution: National Cheng Kung University, Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Shanghai Library
Frame By Frame ProductionsPak Fung Wong (Co-founder and Film Director), Chin-Chiang Ko (Co-founder and Film Director)
BoioTerrence Zhang (Co-Founder, Branding and Communication Designer), Vicki Sun (Co-Founder, Branding and Communication Designer)
Shanghai Hanzhen Interior Design CompanyLouis Shao (Co-Founder and Wood Craftsman), Ernest Yu (Co-Founder and Wood Craftsman)
Puten Model CompanyShu-Yan Wang (Co-founder, Designer), Lin Shun Kuang (Co-founder, Model Maker and Artist), Yu Fong Jhen (Model Maker and Artist)

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