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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, 2015.
| Signage Design |
This is the signage design for IDEO Maker Space at Shanghai office. The design concept is to draw and combine some tool icons e.g. screw, saw, screwdriver, paint brush, pencil etc. with the existing IDEO logo design to create an iconic image that represents maker spirit and get people excited about designing, inventing and making stuffs by themselves.
Special Thanks to
IDEOTony Wong (Portfolio and Design Director, Shanghai), Tasos Karahalios (Portfolio Director, Chicago), Keith Tan (Design Lead), Ji Ke (Mechanical Engineer), Nelson Scholler (Industrial Designer), Wan Kee Lee (Industrial Designer)
Puten Model CompanyShu-Yan Wang (Model Maker and Designer), Lin Shun Kuang (Model Maker and Artist)
PhotographerKing Kong

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