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Designed by Sheng-Hung Lee, Josipa Dodig, 2015.
| Toilet Paper Roll Redesign |
2016 ─ A' Design Award & Competition, Bronze ─ Disposable and Single-Use Product Design
2016 ─ International Design Awards, Bronze ─ Home Interior Products, Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop
2016 ─ International Design Awards, Bronze ─ Home Interior Products, Bathroom Fittings/Appliances
2016 ─ International Design Awards, Honorable Mention ─ Safety Designs
2015 ─ IDEA, Finalist ─ Student Design
2015 ─ Spark Award, Bronze ─ Concept, Professional
2015 ─ Yanko Design, Publication ─ Bathroom, Product Design
2015 ─ Tuvie: Modern Industrial Design and Future Technology, Publication ─ Accessories
People use toilet paper for a variety of reasons e.g. wiping up spills, removing makeup, bathroom hygiene and cleaning chores. But people are prone to put toilet paper on table or put kitchen paper towel near sink in kitchen without putting it in toilet roll holder or toilet tissue reserve canister. The dust, bacteria, water or oil stain would easily attach to bottom surface of paper. Therefore we redesign toilet paper roll, as slogan goes: Turn paper roll upside down, make dust go away! New toilet paper roll is made from disinfected recycling paper pulp. Don’t purchase toilet roll holder, because toilet paper roll is the best holder. After toilet paper is used up, compressible structure design makes users press down on toilet paper roll without effort and reduce waste size. The design draws the public attention to care more about the hygiene and environmental protection issue.

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